Democrat Socialist Defeats Pelosi’s Would Be Successor in House Primary

Congressman Joe Crowley, said to be Nancy Pelosi’s successor for Speaker if the democrats win the House back, was defeated by a card-carrying socialist! 28 year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Bernie Sanders organizer, endorsed by the Democrat Socialists of America blew Crowley out in NY #14 primary.

Just when you think the left hasn’t gone far-left enough they elect someone who is more or less communist-lite! Take a look at this campaign flyer with all the free stuff and wild policies Cortez is “offering” voters.

Good for her taking out a career politician, but here’s one question voters, let alone debate moderators, never got around to asking Cortez: Where exactly are you getting all the money to do this??

This is the fantasy of the left. They promise the world but have no plan on how they’ll do it. New Yorker’s are already heavily taxed but that won’t stop them from going farther to the left. This just goes to show how desperate these people have become in the age of Trump.

It should also scare the heck out of people that socialists are now openly running for Congressional seats. Socialism has never worked anywhere in the world. Venezuela, the modern-day model for socialism (according to celebs) is in total free-fall. The nation would be in civil war right now but Chavez and his successor Maduro made sure to disarm the people before they raped the country economically. Americans better get out and vote this November, democrats/ socialists cannot be permitted to hold a majority, they’ll tear the US apart.