The Left is in Full Meltdown Over Justice Kennedy’s Retirement 📺

Justice Kennedy tendered his resignation from the Supreme Court this morning to Pres Trump and since then the Left has been in full meltdown.

Dems first reaction of the news during a DNC conference call

The biggest argument being made right now from all progressives be it Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell to Chuck Schumer is that the confirmation of Kennedy’s replacement should be held off until after the midterm election! They cite the “precedent” set in 2016 when obama wanted to replace Scalia with Merrick Garland where Mitch McConnell delayed the confirmation. It’s been a “tradition” to not appoint SCOTUS at the end of lame duck presidency, except when democrats are running things.

Here’s the Left’s problem:
2016 was a PRESIDENTIAL election.
2018 is a midterm election.

There’s NO comparison, and for the record let’s go down memory lane to set the record straight:

Justice Elena Kagan was nominated by obama in May 10, 2010. She was confirmed by the Senate August 5, 2010 and then appointed to the bench August 7, 2010. The Midterm elections were Nov 2, 2010. I don’t recall anyone in the media nor Chuck Schumer speaking in the Senate to hold off Kagan’s nomination until after the midterm election.

This fact isn’t stopping countless progressives from proving how hypocritical they truly are. It was okay for obama to do it but not Trump.

#Resist will be in overdrive with radicals like Newsom rallying the unhinged up

obama regime’s fmr NSC spokesman

The top racist in the USA getting ready to fight

Muslim ban?? Not true

BLM domestic terrorists whining

Many including low-life Hollywood elitists are concerned abt Roe v Wade

The Left just can’t handle the truth and will fight tooth and nail against ANYONE Pres Trump appoints to the bench. They’ll outright lie like they’re doing now to get their way.

If you thought things bad now, with harassment, protests and riots you ain’t seen nothing yet. Today’s announcement has sent Leftists off the deep end. Yes, if you’re wondering they’ve gone so far off they even have a petition to stop the nomination demanding Merrick Garland “or no one!”