MSNBC’s Matthews Calls For Dems to Fight Any SCOTUS Nominee, “Fight of the Century” 📺


It is abundantly obvious the democrats will stonewall and obstruct any and all SCOTUS nominees Pres Trump names. They are besides themselves since Justice Kennedy announced his resignation. Their hypocrisy is off the charts where members of Congress are conflating the midterm elections with presidential to justify their calls for no vote until after the midterms. The media is taking the news as if it is the end of the world AGAIN, and that is where the real problem lies.

The media is the propaganda arm of the Socialist Party (formerly democrat. They have taken the fear mongering to the highest levels similarly to what Maxine Waters is doing by calling for Trump admin officials to be harassed (harassment = physical altercations = violence). What they’re doing is creating and fulfilling a self-proclaimed prophecy. They want conflict because they’ve failed in their messaging, there’s no other way to say it.

It’s not crazy to suggest the Left wants this all to be fought in the streets. They know the optics will play in their favor, “oh look at those right-wingers ganging up and beating those innocent protesters”, “crazy gun nuts are going to execute people in the streets” , “do we need anymore proof how danger the Right is?”. Tingles just said it at the close of the clips, this will be the “fight of the century… going to be almost like Spanish Civil War stuff”.

Listen to the Left, they’ve thrown down already BEFORE the election after and since. They keep losing on every front being proven wrong, their handlers being proven liars. These people are on the edge. And consider this, what in the hell will they do if.. IF the GOP holds the House and Senate after the midterms, Mueller finally gives up in his witch hunt and some originalist is appointed to the bench ruling according to the law and now over political activism and feelings? Somebody is going to get hurt, bad.

Proud MAGA shirt and hat wearers, conservatives that speak their mind publicly watch your backs!