Polarization and Divide of American Politics Has Us Back in the LATE 1850’s.. 📺

…The SECOND Democrat Civil War is Warming up


The evidence continues to pile up that the US is headed for trouble all because democrats cannot accept the results of the 2016 Presidential election.

Just over the weekend we learned in a tweet from Press Secretary Sarah Sanders that she was asked to leave a restaurant because she works for the Trump admin.

Check out the responses to her tweet, you’ll see the Lefts pure hatred for her and this admin on full display.

Unsurprisingly the Left is throwing a fit she tweeted this encounter out to an audience of millions claiming the restaurant will now be subjected to harassment and death threats.. ya know the kind of thing the wrote the book on. Yes, you read it correctly, Leftists never cease to amaze us with their hypocrisy.

FL’s Atty Gen Pam Bondi was also harassed by unhinged Leftists, as she attended a screening of the Mister Rogers documentary…

Both of these are on the tail-end of DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen being not only run out of a restaurant by Democratic Socialists of America…

… but also protesters showing up in front her home.

All of this follows a disturbing line of increasing intrusions of privacy and violent outbursts from the “#Resistance” since Nov 9th, 2016. There were incursions prior to the election, during the primaries, but things have clearly escalated.

– Riots and violence at anti- & pro- Trump protests and rallies.
– In Alexandria there was an attempted assassination of GOP members to swing balance of power in Congress.
– Conservative speakers have been silenced, run out and attacked at public events and college campuses, most notably UC Berkeley.
– A Texas State Rep was attacked on TX House floor (Brooks/ Sumner moment at state level) over illegal immigration.
– Social media/internet giants Facebook, Twitter, Google are actively silencing conservatives (including yours truly)
– Wikileaks posted the identities of ICE employees

What you have here America is the same atmosphere, polarization, recipe whatever you want to call it like what the US experienced in the late 1850’s. In an odd twist the position the hard position the Left has taken with illegal immigration (among other anti-American positions they hold) is the same one the LEFT took defending slavery and southern (ORIGINAL Dixiecrats) way of life that drove this country into a civil war in the 1860’s. The tensions we’re experiencing now are just as bad if not worse, we have moved from cold to a WARM civil war.

As this site warned May 2017 (re TX State Rep assault):
“While many people will shrug this off, those of us who are students of history see the writing on the wall. The tension in America is getting worse by the day. Make no mistake about it we are in a COLD civil war right now. The absolute hate coming from the left (democratic politicians, media, academia, entertainment etc) against Pres Trump, republicans, TEA Party activists and conservatives is growing exponentially. Every case of violence we’ve seen to date has been carried out by the left against the right, yet the democrat controlled media continues to report the right as intolerant, violent and dangerous.

We are already seeing groups of Americans to begin fighting back against the countless domestic terrorist groups supported by the democrats, George Soros and the like. Based Stickman and many like him are organizing and directly engaging BLM, Antifa, Black Bloc, etc at monuments, colleges and universities and other locations across America. The uprising will only grow as we go deeper into the Trump administration.

Democrats are holding onto a dream of impeaching the President over claims of collusion and obstruction regardless of the fact the President has not committed a crime. The left has been violent since Trump was elected, what will they do when special counsel Robert Mueller finds no evidence, as many in govt have already declared, against him? Think long and hard about that based off of what you seen. Think about all the democrats who are calling for impeachment, swearing the President is engaged in criminal activity with the aid of the corrupt media. Keep in mind many of them encourage lawless as it is now, just as the democrats in the Texas House. Take all of that and think what will happen when they don’t get what they want with this collusion witch hunt, keeping in mind collusion is NOT a crime!

So with all that said, let me once again warn you America, when you see members in the US House and Senate come to blows, be prepared for SHTF. What happened in TX is a clear warning sign it is coming.

The Left wants an open border, Constitutional BURNED, control every aspect of American’s lives, people disarmed, dissent silenced. They HATE YOU and those who do not submit to them they want dead.