Pirro: Political Debate Has Devolved Into Outright Political Abuse ๐Ÿ“บ


Judge Pirro put her sights on the growing discord in the US where civil political debate is disintegrating into abuse. Using various examples from Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, DHS Sec Neilsen and others Pirro explained how anyone who is on the Right and/ or supports Pres Trump is on the receiving end of constant harassment.

Because the media, political class and celebrities are silent over the abuse taking place they’re in fact complicit with unhinged leftists, normalizing offensive, abusive behavior.

The intensified attacks coming from the Left right now center around illegal immigration. As the Judge made clear, when you illegally cross the border you should expect to be arrested. Illegals have no right to be here, furthermore they have NO Constitutional rights! The Constitution is NOT a treaty with the entire word, it only applies to US citizens. The Left of course is attacking and blaming Pres Trump for the mess Bill Clinton left via Flores v Reno settlement that separates families. Pres’ Bush and obama hold responsibility for the mess going on too, as they continued the policy as well as sign new laws to strengthen border security.

The laws these ex-presidents signed into law are finally being enforced and NOW the Left cares. Career politician Steny Hoyer made some outrageous claims, Pirro aired, that Trump is holding infants hostage! But what about the infants held hostage under obama, Bush and Clinton?

Other examples of abuse were singer/ actress Jennifer Lopez sharing out an image about families being separated, but the image is from the middle east! And how can we forget the TIME cover using a baby girl crying with Trump standing over her. Turns out she was never taken from her mom, a repeat border jumper, who for all intents and purposes abandoned her 3 other kids and husband to enter the US! Did TIME retract the cover? Nope they stand by it, fueling the abuse coming from their uninformed uneducated foot soldiers.

Leftists cannot have their way otherwise this country will be overrun by illegal aliens, like the invasion Europe is under from the middle east. The only solution is a border wall, strengthened security and most importantly immigration laws already on the books enforced! Democrats KNOW this, which is why this thing with kids in cages exploded. They’re changing the narrative and attacking anyone, from Trump supporters to admin officials.

Think about that, they’ve become so unhinged they’re targets the Sec’s of Homeland Security, Education and Press along with Fl’s Atty General… all women btw! The War on Women doesn’t apply if you’re on the right.

Pirro’s warning at the end should sound a little familiar, it’s a lot like some wise words from Yoda
“Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

The Left fears an America under Trump because it destroys everything they know and live by. They believe the lies they’ve been told they’re fearful of change. They were told it was the end of the world if tax reform went through, look at us now all is well. Same is true for other policies enacted by Trump where Leftist leaders fear-mongered only to be proven wrong. This is why they attack, they’re losing everything including their big dreams of removing Trump from office.

So they escalate from civil to abusive political debate. When that fails, and it has, they attack. and if you’re keeping score the attacks are getting bolder (ie Sanders, Nielsen etc harassment) to outright violence. As pointed out in an earlier op the current state of American politics has us back in the the late 1850’s.

It’s time to hit that pressure release before the warm civil war we’re in heats up.