Washed Up Comedian Attacks Trump as ‘Post-Dementia,’ ‘Keyboard Gangster’ 📺

Another Hollywood “comedian”, Sinbad, is trying to make himself relevant again by attacking Pres Trump on MSNBC-13. How many days do you think it took this has-been to come up with calling POTUS a ‘keyboard gangster’ and questioning his mental state ‘post-dementia’ (you know feeds into Left’s dream to invoke 25th Amendment)?

There is no proof of anything Sinbad says is true that there are two Trumps; he isn’t lonely, let alone trying to be a celebrity. He already is/was a celebrity, and like many moved on into politics because he didn’t like what he seeing.

This guy was never funny, the way he insulted the President of the United States wasn’t funny where all he is doing causing more division. Hollywood elites, even has-beens who couldn’t win on Star Search, are so full of themselves and hate it blinds them to reality. Eventually they’re going to push the wrong persons button and then all hell is going to break loose in the wake of whatever chaos they caused. Normal Americans have had it, they will not tolerate another Alexandria.