WATCH Philly PD Raid and DESTROY OccupyICE Camp! 📺

Occupy showed it’s ugly head again following the new fight over illegal aliens and their detainment for entering the US illegally… you know breaking America’s laws and sovereignty. Selective outrage has been on full display for the last month leading up to Leftists setting up camp at ICE offices in protest of the agency doing its job… the same EXACT job they were doing when obama was president NONE of these people had a problem with.

Ahhh there’s nothing like seeing dirty, stinky, unhinged, violent Occupy Leftists getting what they have coming to them for breaking the law. Consider these your feel good videos of the day!

I mean really, is there anything better than seeing Occupy scum’s stuff getting thrown into a trash-truck LOL!

Look at this guy, UmbrellaBoy is the poster child for the pure rage flowing through the veins of every single Leftist in America. Look at him, look at his eyes. Pure rage and HATE for anyone who goes against the Left. IMO if he had a gun he would’ve used it today.

For the progressive drones out there who will whine police didn’t have a right to do this, there’s no warning at the beginning of the video.. sorry they were warned, repeatedly warned

Did Philly police just bike-doze Mayor Kenney’s relationship with progressives?

Inside the Philadelphia Occupy ICE camp that police raided Thursday