Candace Owens OWNS MSNBC Host in Debate Over SCOTUS and Trump 📺

Candace Owens is a political rockstar in the making on her way up. The Left despises her because she is attractive, left the democratic plantation, speaks the truth that destroys the Left’s narrative and defies the unspoken rule that Blacks must vote ‘D’.

This MSNBC dolt had nothing to stand on for any issue he brought up over Trump’s SCOTUS pick(s), to obamacare, or suggesting the Right was as enraged during obama’s reign as the Left is now. No they/ WE weren’t. The Right was angry but you didn’t see the homes of obama admin officials being surrounded, nor were they harassed eating dinner etc. This guy is so spineless he chickened out of answering anything she asked because he is the interviewer!

Ya see this just goes to show how weak the Left is especially in the media. This clown, (NO I don’t know his name nor do I care to even look it up) can’t handle a civil debate has to dig up nonsense and untruths from years ago to justify the unhinged, violent, dangerous behavior we’re seeing today. FACT the Right was NOTHING like the Left over the last 9 years.

This MSNBC-13 clown literally lied to Owens face talking about how people were acting during the obamacare debates. NO ONE showed up to any protest or rally with automatic weapons. Yes there was an ArmaLite rifle or two, and since he wants to get there, let’s go. MSNBC-13 DELIBERATELY edited the video of a TEA Party attendee, Chris, with a rifle slung to hide the fact he was BLACK! They needed to create the narrative that only crazy white people were carrying weapons protesting obama. The idea of a Black man, LEGALLY carrying a weapon upholding his 2A rights, protesting obama, as well as siding with the Right could not be allowed. He was just one of many who paved the way for woke Black Americans like Candace and those who #WalkAway.

The Left’s ongoing meltdown is going to cause another Alexandria because the media and dem leaders are not backing off.