MSNBC’s O’Donnell Promotes Socialism For America 📺


MSNBC-13’s Lawrence O’Donnell was asked to explain the difference between socialism and democratic socialism. The two are one in the same just word play to make socialism acceptable, sound cool to the uneducated, and as one would expect he made a lot of excuses and rational.

Socialism/ democratic socialism is communism-lite. It’s where the govt controls just about everything but lets you have a little to feel important as if you have a say, where as under communism the govt controls it all and you’re at their mercy (this is progressives end goal for America).

As Larry champions Medicare as an example of socialism he leaves out 1 key fact: Medicare is unsustainable. Why? Because socialism DOESN’T WORK and has never worked. He even points out how socialism is everywhere and he is correct, but these socialistic programs be it Medicare, Social Security and other entitlement programs as well as govt run pensions etc have run amuck and are unsustainable. The US is under massive debt, currently $21.2 TRILLION because of the out of control spending, much of which is on socialistic programs Larry praises. By the way the healthcare system is complete FUBAR thanks to the dame the democrats have done over the years and especially because of obamacare.

Socialist govts have always declined or completely collapsed because eventually you run out of people’s money to burn. Leftists will argue “Well Sweden is doing well”. Is it? If it’s doing so well why are so many leaving to come to the US? Actually it is doing well, so much so the country has been invaded by islamists and is now the rape capital of the world. Ask the Swede’s how they feel about supporting all the muslims pouring in, who do absolutely nothing, but have their hands out!? That goes for other European countries that lean towards socialism that are being invaded. They’re not doing well which is why the English fought for Brexit. They see the writing on the wall and are trying to save whats left of their economy before it all blows up.

Do we need to talk about the current model of socialism, Venezuela? Or does the fact that people are fishing through trash heaps to find food or eating pets and zoo animals tell you enough?

So why do democrats praise socialism? Because it means power control and money for them, that’s all it’s about. They know if they’re calling the shots they won’t have to worry about needing money for food and necessities but all of us will. O’Donnell and his elitist pals take to the airwaves and praise socialism because their drunk with the power they wield. Take the money and luxuries from them, force them to work like the average Joe and watch how quickly that opinion will change.