Its Official, DNC Chair Announces Socialism is “Future of Our Party” 📺


Hey Tom Perez thanks for making the obvious official today! It’s been abundantly clear since Nov 4th 2008 the democrat party went full socialist when they elected obama. (FYI for those who don’t know Perez is a former obama regime member so yea) Oddly, ANYONE on the Right who stated that during the obama years was viciously attacked, ridiculed and mocked while ALL democrats… ‘scuse me socialists denied it.

Now that we’re post obama, and Hillary’s theft of the nomination, during the primaries, from Bernie is behind us, the socialists (communists lite) have taken their masks off. With commies.. socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blowing out the old democrat guard (Pelosi’s #2 Joe Crowley) the radicals are now emboldened to state the obvious and push their agenda with the hopes of regaining control of Congress.

Now you will see the socialists campaign on more lies and empty promises based on their failed ideology which has been historically proven to NEVER work. Go take a look at Venezuela, which is a shining example of how badly socialism will fail. Oh keep in mind as you see stories of no money, and people eating garbage, pets and zoo animals because there’s no food, Chavez (before his death) and now Maduro disarmed the people so they can’t fight back!

One of the first tenets of socialism is disarming the population, so of course democrats embrace it over their hate for the Second Amendment. They know 2A is standing in the way of their master plan so shift the party to socialism because it sounds “cool” to the uninformed uneducated youth. Once dopes are on board with the idea of free stuff, open borders and the like they’ll be all in to see all the guns taken away. When that happens Leftists will be in control of every aspect of your life.

Sound good? No! Then you better get active, get people of like minds registered to vote, reach out to those on the fence show them it’s okay to #WalkAway, and stop the blue wave this November before we end up with a lot more Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’.