Daily Beast WH Reporter Destroys Omarosa’s Claim of Trump N-Word Recording (Video)

This site has steered cleared from many tabloid stories of individuals from Pres Trump’s past attacking him, be it the porn star, to former models to now the backstabbing demon Omarosa Manigault. Anyone who knows this woman from the first day she showed up on The Apprentice knows she is a deceitful, lying liar, opportunist who would sell her own flesh and blood out to make a $1.00. WHY POTUS brought her into the White House is beyond puzzling, but it is what it is.

Now that Omarosa is out of a job the games she’s to make a buck are being played. The demon claims there are recordings of POTUS using the N-word yet they’ve never surfaced, not even during the 2015 primaries, let alone 2016 campaign when EVERYONE was trying to take him out, but she swears they exist.

Enter the Daily Beast’s Asawin Suebsaeng, who more or less destroyed Omarosa’s claims that there is recordings of Pres Trump saying the N-word and/or other racial slurs. Why does the opinion of a Daily Beast matter? Think about it, The Daily Beast, among many, have been digging for anything to destroy Trump over, if such material existed they would have gotten their hands on it. Heck Suebsaeng more or less admits it as he says “we published a lot of them[stories] some of which look made Donald Trump look pretty nasty I couldn’t find a single person who knew what the hell people were talking about when it came to this this mythical n-word tape”.

The media is even calling this woman out to be a fraud yet they’re all giving her what she wants, fame, notoriety, free PR for her fictional tell-all book and bookings on every network that calls putting more and more money in her pocket. Good job jack wagons she played you and you took it hook line and sinker!