Maxine Waters: Trump ‘Trying to Frighten Whites’ by Calling Me Democrats’ ‘New Star’ (Video)


Pres Trump is not trying, he is warning sane Americans of ALL races that this radical, race hustling, corrupt career politician, Maxine Waters, IS the new star of the democrat socialist party. His attacks against her are not racially driven, it’s about her policies and violent rhetoric. Waters is the one who is dangerous that Trump is having fun at her expense. This woman is not the person you want running the House Financial Services Committee if the dems regain majority. Remember this is the same woman who wants to takeover and socialize big oil, who also called on the party’s “brownshirts” (aka antifa, unhinged violent Leftists) to harass anyone who stands against the Left.

Waters wants to see Trump impeached for her 80th birthday. Send her a better gift America, put more republicans and conservatives in the House and Senate AND FIRE her from Congress.

Help support Omar Navarro, who is running against her, because as of now the GOP is doing nothing to help him beat Waters… I guess the GOP wants Maxine to have another term.