CNN Justifies Antifa Violence: ‘Fight Fire With Fire’ (Video)


A lot of people are upset over CNN’s siding, if not outright support of domestic terrorists Antifa. Don’t be upset because:
#1 You should expect this of them, they will back anyone who goes against Trump and his supporters; “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.
#2 They just sealed their fate and will now OWN every single act of violence committed by these unhinged radical Leftists. Every single punch in the face, broken window, burned out car, torn up city street, etc etc is on them.

This network had a choice to stay neutral by condemning Antifa, but as usual they chose to side with these monsters who are modern-day Brownshirts. When one of their own gets attacked again, like the NBC crew, these dolts will have no one to blame but themselves for enabling these violent domestic terrorists. For the record this isn’t the first time the media has chosen sides either, oh no Don Lemon was defending these degenerates just a year ago!

Don Lemon Defends Antifa as Political Group Working For the Oppressed (Vid)
Radical College Prof Dyson Defends Violent Antifa as Patriots “Preserving Fabric of America” (Vid)
University Prof Defends Antifa Violence Against ANYONE They Disagree With (Video)

Conveniently, these dolts leave out the fact the White Nationalists (aka nazis aka national SOCIALISTS) are LEFTISTS. They are not helping Trump, they’re not welcome in conservative, GOP, and TEA Party circles. Keep lying though it’s entertaining to watch.

CNN has in fact done the same thing as Maxine Waters by giving their blessing to attack. That just goes to show how much the Left as a whole HATES Trump and really anyone who supports him.

You’ve been warned act accordingly.