Daily Kos Founder: Democrats Must Embrace Socialism Or Be Irrelevant (Video)

Markos Moulitsas, the founder of the Daily Kos, weighed in that the democrat party must embrace socialism or they will become irrelevant. To make such a declaration shows how lost and desperate the Left has become. The media and Leftists as a whole have started a campaign to dismiss the negatives and downside to socialism, where people like Moulitsas here are literally dismissing its dark side.

These people, now almost by the day, are defending and praising socialism because they have nothing left to stand on besides Trump is a bigot, racist and needs to be impeached. If they think they can win elections by embracing the tenets of socialism based on the “successes” of the USSR, Cuba, and Venezuela they’re gravely mistaken.

They sucker their uneducated unengaged followers with the idea of healthcare, college education, free money and stuff leaving out one key factor: once the take all the money from the rich there’s nothing left to take and then the people have nothing to eat but their pets and zoo animals.

Socialism is communism lite which resulted in millions being killed #1 through war because the govt will have to look to take someone else’s stuff #2 when that blows up in their face they will kill their own as we saw in Russia and China in the early 20th c.

But by all means these Leftists should plug away and run on this platform that socialism is the greatest thing since apple pie. Give the votes two clear choices: your utopian nightmare that has never worked, which has resulted in starvation and death vs capitalism aka freedom which GOP/ conservatives are offering that has produced the most powerful nation in the world where people can do what they want living a healthy(for the most part) free and happy life.