DC District Judge Orders Obama’s DACA Program to be Restarted (Video)

DC District Court Judge John Bates upheld DACA, overriding the Trump admin to end the program stating DHS must have a rational explanation to rescind it. He went on that an “assertion that a prior policy is illegal, accompanied by a hodgepodge of illogical or post hoc policy assertion, simply will not do.”

Wow, have we missed something? Did something happen in 2012 that we all missed where apparently Congress PASSED legislation and obama signed Dream Act into law??

No that didn’t happen but for some unknown, unexplained reason EVERYONE from Congress to the courts is treating DACA as if it’s federal law. The truth is, DACA is and was an unconstitutional Executive Action memo by barack hussein obama to DHS blatantly violating the system of checks and balances, end running Congress, because he couldn’t get any legislative support. Furthermore, he made it clear in the Rose Garden address June 15th, 2012 this directive in a memo to DHS (it wasn’t even and Executive Order/ Action) was temporary!

“Now, let’s be clear this is not amnesty, this is not immunity. This is not a path to citizenship. It’s not a permanent fix. This is a temporary stopgap measure that lets us focus our resources wisely while giving a degree of relief and hope to talented, driven, patriotic young people.”

How can a judge order a policy to stay in effect when it is not, and countless Constitutional scholars agreed is unconstitutional!? POTUS possesses plenary absolute powers when it comes to who can and cannot enter the United States for ANY reason. It’s the same power that allows the Travel Ban to be enacted! We cannot have unelected, unaccountable judges interfering on issues of national security.

Like it or not DREAMers are illegal aliens, regardless of how they came into the US, whether they walked, were carried or their momma popped them out across the border! They like their parents DO NOT belong here. If they want to stay in the US, here are 10 conditions that must be in any comprehensive immigration bill or ALL bets are off!

The Trump admin must bring this to the Supreme Court, who will shoot it down. They know what obama did was wrong and illegal, there is no legal basis to uphold DACA.