MSNBC’s Heilemann: Trump Supporters Would Let Trump Kill Their Own Family (Video)


The media has clearly lost their minds with the hate they have for Pres Trump and his supporters. No one believes Trump is above the law, many who were Ted Cruz supporters in the primaries until the very end, so if POTUS did anything wrong they would be the first ones to call him out. But the media thinks Trump supporters will give him a pass in any type of test, where MSNBC’s national affairs analyst John Heilemann wanted a poll to see how many Trump supporters would let him kill their own family! SICK.

For the record when primary candidate Trump made the 5th Avenue comment about shooting someone many of us WERE NOT OKAY WITH IT, including this site warning we do not need another demigod in the WH. None of that of course matters to these people who want the story everyday to be about them vs Trump. If they would just report the news and stop being biased hacks, Trump and his supporters would back off. But they don’t, instead cooking up one conspiracy after another, now going so far that we would be okay with our family being killed in defense of POTUS out of spite towards them. As much as we detest the media and love proving them wrong, NO we wouldn’t. Only the most unhinged extremists would even entertain such insanity and it’s safe to assume they have serious personal issues.

The better question that should be asked by these hacks is why do they treat the 63+ million Americans who voted for Trump like their enemy!? When they’re not attacking POTUS, his admin and family they’re taking shots at us. We’re not a cult for supporting a President who is actually doing what he said he would do. If anyone is a cult it is those to this day conspiring to find a way to remove Trump and put Hillary in the WH! Again many of us were not on the Trump Train until AFTER the primaries and even then still had MAJOR concerns and doubts. This man was humble when he won and is NOT the monster the media, who once fawned over him, have made him out to be.