Schumer: Dems Want Kavanaugh Docs to “Persuade Others” to Oppose Him (Video)

Chuck Schumer told reporters he already made his mind up opposing Judge Kavanaugh, as he did in 2006, but wants all the documents released about the SCOTUS nominee with the hopes they’ll “persuade others” to oppose him.

This stunt by Schumer and co is nothing but obstruction over their never-ending hate for Pres Trump, widening the divide his party and obama created for 8 years.

For the record there are literally 1 million documents avail for the socialist party to review, there’s no way they went through them all while demanding more, including his wife’s! What her emails have to do with Kavanaugh’s role on the bench is beyond anyone. Were Sotomayer’s ex-husband’s records being demanded by the GOP when she was up for confirmation? How about all of Elena Kagans records, were they all scrubbed by the GOP? Sen Hatch took to the Senate floor to set that record straight

Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed, the socialists will not Bork him with an election approaching where several socialist senators are in red states that support POTUS. If they do there will be hell to pay because the people are quickly growing tired of the games these closet communists are playing.