Kamala Harris Struggles to Name a “Win” as Senator (Listen)


Legislatively Sen Kamala Harris, like most democrats, can’t name a “win” (aka accomplishment) since taking office. When she was CA’s attorney general she had many… just ask any CA gun owner over how this woman more or less terrorized them with regulations.

You see democrats.. socialists know they can’t get what they want done/ passed through legislatively but can via regs. The Left LOVES regulations because they know they don’t need legislative approval to do anything, they just dream up a new rule and make it happen! Their goal is to control as much govt as possible so they can implement all the regs they can to dictate every aspect of our lives. That is what obama was doing for 8 years. He doesn’t have many legislative wins, he did have A LOT of executive orders and regs get rammed through that served as his “legacy” that Pres Trump is now reversing. He and the Left truly believed Hillary would win to carry on and make them in stone, so you can understand why the Left is hell-bent to get Trump out of office.

Harris, and the socialist party, know all of this which is why they’re so divisive playing on any hot-button issue she can to stay in power.