Senate Democrats Draft Plan For Federal Takeover of Internet

When Leftists patronize people on the Right, saying “we don’t want to take your rights away,” “no one is going to take your rights away,” you know they’re full of crap and now we have proof of it.

Thanks to an unknown “patriot”, a draft was leaked to Axios that’s been making its way around Senate democrats, which was authored by Sen Mark Warren & staff, outlining plans for a govt takeover the internet! Yes America we’re there, the crazy talk is now becoming reality.

Democrats know they’re screwed which is why we’re seeing more and more conservative voices being silenced online. People are becoming immune to the lies and deceit, especially minorities they thought they would always have in their back pocket. The Left calls Trump a dictator even though he’s done nothing even remotely close to what obama actually did. These people are so threatened by him they are in fact crafting the authoritarian govt we’ve known they’ve always wanted. In a way you can chalk this up as another win for Trump, because his policies are smoking these commies out.

Warrens draft list 20 ways govt can step in to address problems Big Tech is facing from Russians and fake news sites, “ranging from putting a price on individual users’ data to funding media literacy programs.”

“Options listed in the paper run the gamut from those that are relatively small lifts to more sweeping policy options.

● New resources and roles for government: The paper raises the prospect of new federal funding for media literacy programs that could help consumers sort through the information on online platforms. It also describes the military and intelligence communities as not adequately prepared for foreign information operations and includes various measures for bolstering their capabilities.

● New rules for platforms: The paper considers requiring web platforms to label bot accounts or do more to identify authentic accounts, with the threat of sanction by the Federal Trade Commission if they fail to do so.

● But it also goes further: One idea would be to make platforms legally liable for claims like “defamation, invasion of privacy, false light, and public disclosure of private facts” if they fail to take down doctored video and audio or so-called deep fakes (or fabricated footage), if a victim secured a necessary judgement regarding the sharing of that content.

● Another would hang an “essential facility” label on certain widely-used tech products, like Google Maps. That would require them to offer access on “fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory” terms and not engage in “self-dealing or preferential conduct.”
New powers for consumers: Warner’s staffers raised the idea of a law mimicking Europe’s GDPR privacy rules in the United States or offering a more limited right for users to consent to the use of their data.
The report also suggested that, to increase visibility into competition, platforms could put a monetary value on an individual user’s data.”

The internet is the last true place for freedom of speech to be expressed, you can do just about anything, the last thing we need are these closet communists taking it over. But take note they know in reality plans like this will never get through legislatively (unless they hold a super majority and even then it’s high risk) so they’re banking on their Leftists pals in Big Tech to do their dirty work. While this site is no fan of Alex Jones he IS, as he tweeted out today, the canary in the coal mine for what is coming. If you don’t like that future and want it stopped, you better get active and vote, it’s not an option this November.