Pirro Has Change of Heart: Keep Russian Probe Going to Expose Team Obama (Video)


“Unlike everyone on the right I don’t want the Mueller investigation to end so soon. I want it to keep going on and on and on because every day it gets closer to proving Russia collusion. The collusion however…was between Russia and team Obama. Not Trump.”

The more Mueller investigates Pres Trump the more proof we get how team obama (DNC, Hillary, Deep State actors within DOJ and FBI) are proven to be the ones who actually conspired with the russians to manipulate the 2016 election.

Mueller has been searching for a crime to pin on POTUS, but to this day nothing. Indictments have been made against Russian spies, Paul Manafort for tax evasion (Rosenstein cut him loose over it in 2005) and Gen Mike Flynn for lying but then he didn’t , then he did. If he had anything solid on Trump he would’ve moved on it, and frankly Rep Adam Schiff would have leaked it by now! And lastly no crime was ever committed to justify Mueller appointment.The entire probe is a farce to frame the President of the United States with the hopes of producing something to the democrats to impeach him.

The series of questions Pirro would like Mueller to answer makes one worry what does she know! If Bob Mueller was smart he would end this investigation as his motives are now beginning to show. Besides involvement with the Uranium One deal, what are you hiding Bobby? Go ahead keep digging because discovery works both ways! And that goes for barack obama too, all of this started under his watch – John Brennan was head of the CIA, James Clapper was running the NSA, Mueller and then Comey was heading the FBI, all in 2016 BEFORE Donald Trump was elected.

Isn’t that interesting all the people running their mouths now were all knee-deep in it! They thought Hillary would win and bury it all, but now the truth is coming to light week after week. By all means keep that investigation going it’s only proven Trump has done nothing. His accusers are being proven to be the ones colluding, God help these people if a true smoking gun document email audio or video clip ever surfaces.

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