Antifa Attack Police and NBC News Reporter in Charlottesville (Video)


The foot-soldiers of the DNC and the media*, Antifa, were out protesting in Charlottesville, marking the one year anniversary of the Unite the “Right”** rally that left one woman dead. As you would expect, several of these violent unhinged Leftists attacked a policeman…

and the monsters even turned on the media (who has defended them) attacking NBC News correspondent Cal Perry

Anyone who is not standing with these domestic terrorists is a nazi and fair game. The media OWNS these people for never coming down on them while they were critical of Conservatives, TEA Party activists, NRA members and the like, who have NEVER attacked anyone let alone deemed everyone opposed is a nazi. Sorry media just playing by your rules where it would appear the monster you helped created* has no problem turning on you.

Things are only going to get worse if you’re a Trump supporter, conservative, TEA Party and republican. These domestic terrorists want blood, a real fight is coming.

* Antifa are the DNC and media’s foot-soldiers because they rarely report anything negative about the “group”. These violent domestic terrorists more or less regurgitate what comes out of both pushing their talking points from calls for abolishing ICE to anyone who stands opposed supporting POTUS is a racist. Democrat lawmakers and those in the media have rarely if ever comedown on or condemned antifa. There have been times when they’ve even propped them up as freedom fighters defending the innocent from fascists!

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** White nationalists are fascists and nazis that these Leftist protesters are ranting against and are not on the Right… they are Left on the true political spectrum. These people do not support the Constitution, small govt, etc. nazi by it’s very definition means National Socialist, so how these people can consider themselves or be called “Right” just goes to show the lack of education by those in attendance or arm-chair quarterbacking.