“Shut It Down” Leftists Threaten to Hurt and Kill President Trump (Video)

Dangerous, violent Leftists attending the “Shut It Down” counter-protest to their counterparts White Nationalists (aka nazis aka national SOCIALISTS aka Leftists) “Unite the Right 2” rally let their true feelings and wishes be known for all to see. The Daily Callers Benny Johnson attended their event asking protesters the same question:

“If Donald Trump showed up here, what would you say or do?”

This is how these monsters responded:
“I would murder him.”
“We’d have to do him like Gaddafi.”
“If I get a chance to fuck him up I would.”
“Beat his ass.

Johnson gave permission to “all reporters/producers/bookers… to use this footage”, but don’t expect to see any of it on any of the networks or news sites. It wouldn’t be stretch if one or two did air any of this footage since they’ve defended these violent individuals in the past!

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Understand this, the Left HATES Donald Trump and everything he’s doing and stands for. He is representation of the 63M+ Americans who voted for him, so these Leftists hate you as much as him. It’s not hyperbole when these people are labeled violent and dangerous, it’s not being said to “paint them in a bad light”, this is who and what they are. These people are prepared to hurt and kill Donald Trump and you if they’re given the opportunity.

Like retired Army Colonel Kurt Schlichter says, buy guns and ammo. It’s better to be prepared than wishing you were.