Maxine Waters Sics FBI Against Opponent Over Tweet!


Maxine Waters sicced the FBI against her opponent, Omar Navarro over a tweet he posted in December 2017 concerning a letter alleging Waters wants to bring Somali refugees to the US. Navarro states he did not create the letter and asked whether the letter was true or not. Now Navarro has to meet with the FBI and Capitol police over this blatant abuse of our justice system and a clear indicator someone like Maxine Waters has no business holding a seat of power in govt.

Waters could have simply replied to the tweet issuing a formal statement it’s not true. Instead she files a complaint and now months later, RIGHT BEFORE an election, her opponent gets a call from the Justice Dept. Tell us again the DOJ/ FBI aren’t corrupt and a shining example the US is a Banana Republic with two sets of rules!

This is the tweet that started it all from Dec 11, 2017, over an unverified letter that was circulating around.

What Waters is doing to Navarro is a fraction of what she and her radical dangerous party will do to President Trump and GOP members of Congress. Democrats weaponize every single govt agency to protect themselves and silence if not imprison their opposition. Navarro has it right too that he is under investigation over ra stupid tweet while nothing is happening to Waters for calling on Leftists to harass Trump admin personnel and his supporters!

Is it safe to assume the same Deep State actors engaged in a soft coup against POTUS are also aiding Waters!?

America this [Waters] is what you will get to run the country if you sit home for the midterm elections. Trump supporters/ voters must come out in record numbers to stop the democrats from seizing control of the House and Senate. Trump needs reinforcements to stop these radicals and soft coup conspirators. Vote GOP this November otherwise get used to seeing stories like this because it’s reported Pelosi has a list of 100 investigations to launch against POTUS.