MSNBC Contributor Thinks If Teachers Are Armed They Might Shoot Minority Students (Video)

MSNBC contributor and PBS NewsHour’s WH correspondent, Yamiche Alcindor, took the Left’s fearmongering over guns and desire to keep schools defenseless to a new level.

“If you start arming teachers, and you look at the statistics and say that there are black and brown students who are being.. who are being disciplined more than their white counterparts you could then start seeing statistics where potentially black students are getting shot or in accidents when their teachers are trying to shoot or trying to do gun safety measures.

So there’s this idea that the NAACP and other advocacy groups say not only are we looking at this as an issue issue but it’s also idea that racially it’s going to be a problem.”


Yes, she just said if you arm teachers they might shoot minority students over a disciplinary issue with race as a driver!

You see in the minds of Leftists guns anywhere means the wild west. Gun fights are everywhere, people are being shot for looking at someone the wrong way, bodies flying through glass windows after take shots etc etc. The fact that teachers who want to carry would be allowed to AFTER receiving intensive training is completely dismissed. (To be clear the proposal is not to force teachers to carry weapons, it is to allow those who want to carry to be able to legally in schools.) They just want people to think if teachers are armed they’ll pull their gun out and then fire on a black student for mouthing off or throwing a chair when they’re acting out.

This extremism is why we can’t have civil conversations anymore on any issue, as the Left insists on going to crazy extreme scenarios that would never happen. Alcindor wants to make it about race, to disarm teachers leaving schools defenseless when the teachers are in fact seeking the ability to protect students, including minorities.

The Left is all in favor of protecting the innocent except in schools.  They don’t have a problem with security and armed guards protecting their money, stuff, places they live or go for entertainment.
Yet for whatever twisted reason they go insane if you want to put armed guards, and/ or allow teachers WHO WANT TO CARRY a weapon after receiving proper training, in schools.