Joe diGenova: Jeff Sessions Has No Command Presence (Video)

Joe diGenova appearing on Hannity called out Atty Gen Jeff Sessions over his poor handling of the DOJ, clearly being in way over his head, having “no command presence”. The fact that Rod Rosenstein convinced him from day one to recuse himself and has been calling the shots at the DOJ supports diGenova’s rightful attack on the timid AG.

Knowing everything we know as of today how FISA judges were duped with dossier, Clinton and the DNC’s fingerprints along with members in the intel agency are all over this witch hunt against POTUS you would think Sessions would take control. For the record, recusal is not some legally binding contract, it’s simply ones promise to stay out of an issue. Sessions should have made a public announcement he’s stepping in citing the reasons why he’s reversing his recusal, or resigned at this point, or better yet never taking the job in the first place.

This entire mess unfolding before us, this soft coup is because Sessions has taken himself out of the game allowing obama/ clinton loyalists to make a joke of the DOJ, FBI and intel agencies. Massive pressure should be put on the DOJ by the American people for Sessions to get out of the way allowing Pres Trump to appoint an effective and FAIR AG who will bring justice back to America vs this Banana Republic 2 rule justice system.

Americans fed up with this nonsense should call and email the DOJ, melt down the phone lines and crash the email server, politely asking Sessions to resign.