Morning Joe’s Deutsch: Trump “Would Send His Children to Jail” to Save Himself (Video)


The hate just continues to flow from the unhinged Left fake news media. Loud mouth Donny Deutsch viciously attacked Pres Trump on Morning Joe saying he would “send his children to jail before he would go to jail,” being so “depraved” without any “moral center”.

The HATE and absolute rage these people have over losing an election to someone they once put up on a pedestal is off the charts. You see it everyday, imagine how unhinged they’ll be if by some act of God the GOP holds majority in the House and Senate and then come 2020 Trump is re-elected!

If that happens these people will lose their ever-loving minds where, as insane as it may sound, don’t be surprised if you hear about some mass suicides taking place!! The flip side will be just as bad if.. when really, we have repeats of Alexandria.

You know what’s even sicker about all of this, the devotion and loyalty these monsters have for Hillary Clinton to carry on like this for almost 2 years.