MSNBC Guest Dismisses Mollie Tibbetts as Some ‘Girl in Iowa’ ‘Fox News Is Talking About’ (Video)

MS-13NBC guest and Fordham University professor Christina Greer ranted over the coverage of the Manafort and Cohen stories suggesting Fox News wasn’t covering them as much as the ‘girl in Iowa’, Mollie Tibbetts, who was murdered by an illegal alien.

Fox has covered both of these cases ad nauseam as well as Tibbetts’ murder. Why is the Left so threatened by 1 network? It has it’s share of liberal hacks, ie Shep Smith, Marie Harf, Jessica Tarlov etc, why do they have to have 24/7 coverage on Cohen and Manafort and take a negative position against POTUS? For the record both of these cases are about these individuals breaking the law on their own accord. Trump is innocent, he had nothing to do with either of them.

What’s really at issue here is the low-blow from Greer, who like all radical unhinged Leftists, made it abundantly clear an American losing her life at the hands of illegal alien means nothing to them; as illegals are truly a protected class. Mollie would be alive today had this monster not violated multiple laws, no thanks to Leftists like Greer who are in power that interfere with the laws being enforced!