MSNBC: Trump’s Incendiary Rhetoric is Going to Get People ‘Injured or Possibly Killed’ (Videos)

The political activists over at MS-13NBC are gleefully hoping for a Charlie Hebdo, or mass shooting type of attack following NY Times’ Bret Stephens’ piece that there will be blood on the President’s hands, over the rhetoric coming from Pres Trump against the media. They ignore the fact that the rhetoric they’re complaining about from POTUS and Co are rebuttals to their constant criticisms and attacks! These geniuses also ignore the FACT that we’ve already had countless examples of violence and an attempted assassination, to literally swing the balance of power, in Congress because of their rhetoric.

The media is only worried about themselves, they don’t care about how their lies, hate and propaganda are fueling attacks daily against conservatives, Trump, his family and staff, and GOP leaders! By their logic they can say anything they want but POTUS and Co can’t respond! The hypocrisy is off the charts from these people.

Media, if you want it to end stop attacking! Until you get the hint you’re going to get return fire every single time your report untruths, taking things said or done out of context and the like.

And you’re all right, someone is going to get hurt from all of this… but it WILL BE someone on the Right, since we’re the ones getting attacked daily as it is!! Whether it’s at a restaurant, or for displaying MAGA, NRA pro-America clothing or flags, being a conservative in general etc. We’re the ones on the receiving end of the hate, NOT YOU! Go ahead post the videos up of dems getting assaulted because they support socialism, obamacare, any dem leader. PRODUCE the videos of MAGA mobs setting up camp out in front of dem leaders homes, calling them racists and bigots who hate children.

As crazy as the Left wants to paint people on the Right, history has shown that Leftists are the ones who draw first blood. We’re in a de facto state of a WARM civil war, all that’s missing is a fight in the US Senate or House floor and/or a GOP leader being assassinated to set things off. The Left will start the next civil war, but the Right will end it faster than it starts!