MSNBC Host Calls For Twitter to Ban Trump (Video)


Now that Leftists got their hands on Alex Jones’ “scalp”, after multiple social media companies banned his website InfoWars, they’ve got the wind on their back to call for more people to be censored if not banned, including President Trump! MS-13NBC’s Stephanie Ruhle took offense to POTUS’s tweet attacking Lebron James, following his interview on CNN with Don Lemon.

The media is quite hypocritical, one minute they condemn anyone who infringes on their free speech rights the next they’re calling for people to be silenced. What this is really is the masks are off, democrats are proving they have socialism and fascism flowing in their veins.

In their quest to silence opposition these leftists are making it clear govt will have to step in for a fair playing field. This site is all in favor for small govt, but when you have privately owned social media companies, being widely used by the people, who are engaged in controlling the flow of information to affect an election then they should be under federal oversight per FEC. These companies today are no different from when tv and radio got to big for themselves and were put under fed regs.

We don’t have to go that route but it would mean Twitter, Facebook, Google(YouTube) and the rest are going to have stop being DIVISIVE, partisan hacks doing democrats dirty work! Now does anyone really believe these companies will back off?