Hollywood NITWIT Thinks Russians Interfered in OH12 Race

You knew someone on the Left would pull Russia Russia Russia as the reason for republican State Senator Troy Balderson’s “victory” (for the record the race is too close to be officially called) over insurgent democrat Danny O’Connor in the OH12 special election. That didn’t stop conspiracy nonsense to flow, where the winner for the dumbest tweet of the night went to non other than Hollywood NITWIT Alyssa Milano!

Yea that’s it Alyssa, the Russians voted for the Green Party candidate to sabotage O’Connor… SMH

This is how sad and pathetic this brainless Hollywood elitist is, to now pull Russia Russia Russia when elections don’t go as expected. It had nothing to do with maybe those who cast their vote for Joe Manchik simply did so because they believe in the Green Party’s platform, or maybe voters HATED both establishment candidates!

You see the media has been hyping the coming “Blue Wave”, giving false sense of hope for democrat voters. So now when a race goes to the GOP candidate, or is headed that way, these idiots are going to whine the Russians meddled. Mind you they have no proof, they just know all they have to do is say it over and over again until their lie is treated as fact to delegitimize an election now!

One potential good thing from this tweet, can we assume those of us who have been demonized for years calling for Voter ID will have Milano’s support? If she and other democrats are so concerned about maintaining election integrity surely we can finally get them to support legislation to make ID mandatory to vote. Or do they want Russians voting in 2020?

Oddly Leftists, like Milano, never have a problem with ID being required or claim racism when you:
– Drive a car
– Buy alcohol/ tobacco products
– Opening a bank account/ taking out a loan
– Pay by check or credit card (some places do card you even if you use a cc)
– Cash a check
– Getting a PO Box
– Buy/ rent a house
– Buy/ rent a car
– Buy a gun
– Buy insurance
– Going through security at the airport
– Getting into a bar/ night club
– Gambling in a casino
– Obtaining a marriage license
– Applying for state services (welfare/food stamps/ unemployment)
– Get a job
– Get a hotel/ motel room
    etc, etc, etc.

Oh btw Alyssa it was YOUR party and candidate who worked with the Russians in 2016 to steal an election! So if anyone is concerned about Russian meddling it should be Balderson and the GOP!