Pelosi: Voting For Democrats Gives “Leverage” to Illegal Immigrants (Video)

Nancy Pelosi, the LEADER of the democrat party is making it clear, that she and her party care more about illegal aliens than US citizens, ie YOU. Speaking at a presser in El Paso TX she stressed that voting for democrats gives illegal aliens “leverage”

Pelosi praised the mothers crossing the border to make a better life for their children, but children are crossing alone, or coming in large groups, or with men they are NOT related to etc. “Death, rape, gang violence and the rest” are serious problems for anyone living anywhere, BUT they are not sufficient cause to allow individuals to ILLEGALLY enter the US and give them preferential treatment over US citizens! And to be clear “death, rape, gang violence and the rest” all exist right here in the good old US of A!

If anything this is clear admittance by the House Minority Leader that the democrats are USING illegals to increase their power in govt. Do you need anymore reason to vote GOP? Do you now understand why your vote truly matters and cannot be complacent with the upcoming midterm election? Everyone who voted for Trump in 2016 MUST vote this Nov, we cannot allow democrats to retake Congress.

BTW, take note how Pelosi was conflating immigrants with illegal aliens. This is not a mistake, it’s a form of social engineering Leftists are employing to get votes, donations and support for these future democrat voters.