Ocasio-Cortez: Socialized Medicine is Cheap Because People Will No Longer Have to Pay for Funerals (Video)

Democrats are going all in embracing socialism, ignoring the real threats it poses on society. You’ve heard it countless times, socialism doesn’t work yet that won’t stop the average Leftist to Bernie Sanders or the party’s new “rockstar” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from defending it.. no matter how insane they sound.

You know why no one will have to pay for funerals? Because the bodies of the dead from starvation and conflict will be dumped in massive graves and bulldozed over!

This woman is nuts, her Economics degree isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. This is the nonsense liberal professors are teaching on colleges and universities. No one in their right mind with a solid background in economics would ever teach the craziness coming from socialists. Cortez’ proposal for “Medicare For All” is like the business plan Tom Hanks character in the movie BIG, a joke, economically unfeasible a child’s dream ignoring reality.

The only truth this girl told was that SCOTUS upheld obamacare as a tax even though it was never sold to the American people as such. How’s that working out for everyone btw? Premiums still going up, level of care still down – THAT is socialized medicine. Had it not been for Sen McCain it would’ve been repealed, but he chose to give Pres Trump and YOU the middle finger because he is a miserable, angry, vindictive SOB. Want another example of socialized medicine in the US that doesn’t work? Take a look at the VA, it’s a disaster POTUS is trying to correct.

This is your future America if every single person who voted for Trump doesn’t get out and vote in the midterms. Stop making excuses, get active, get people of like minds active and vote or socialists will takeover