Media Buried NM Training Camp Was Being Run By Muslim Extremist (Video)


For the last 24 hours the media did their best to bury the truth about the “training camp” raided in New Mexico, with starving children being trained to shoot up schools, as more facts came to surface. One headline after another read “A Man..”, “Man arrested at New Mexico compound..”, “The suspects accused of…” etc, what’s wrong with them?

Man arrested at New Mexico compound was allegedly training child to commit school shootings

New Mexico compound suspects were training children for school shootings
Man arrested at New Mexico compound was allegedly training kids for school shootings
New Mexico child abuse suspects accused of training children for shootings
Man at compound accused of training kids for school attacks

Many of these headlines were posted AFTER it was revealed WHO was running this “training camp”. It turns out this camp was being run by Siraj Ibn Wahhaj Jr, the son of NY imam Siraj Wahhaj, an unindicted co-conspirator connected with the ’93 World Trade Center attack. This “man”, the media has been carefully reporting on, whose father, is described as the mentor to the Women’s March founder Linda Sarsour, has a direct tie to the blind sheik. The camp was in fact a jihadist training camp for children to commit mass murder in American schools.

Remember when ISIS was at its peak pumping out one propaganda video after another they began posting countless videos, like the one here, of how they’re training children to kill. The media KNOWS this but many outlets chose to make the story about child abuse or stretching it to suggest anything but related to muslim extremists.

This all leaves has to wonder whose pulling media’s strings to mislead and cover up the truth for as long as they did: the heads of the networks or CAIR!?

The media has a history for doing everything possible to cast doubt and redirect anything tied to islamic extremists. Do you believe if this was a radical Christian compound, or any other denomination or radical group in the US, the media would have acted in kind? Of course not it would’ve been front page news, 24 hour coverage, yet they bow down to the islam time after time.

As for CAIR, while there’s nothing hitting the wire.. yet, they too have a history of pressuring anyone who gets out of line putting them in a dark light. Frankly it’s amazing they aren’t on every network right now condemning anyone running video of Sarsour praising imam Siraj Wahhaj.

The headlines are proof of how the media lies, creating misleading news that upsets Americans. Their job is to report the facts, not leave them out or take a side. But taking sides is what they have been doing for far too long which is why so many American despise them.

Burying the truth isn’t helping anyone as this camp is one of many within the US. We know of at least 22 training camps,  how many more are out there???

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