ISIS ‘Cubs of the Caliphate’ Train and Vow to Kill Pres Obama and Crusader Coalition

America while your kids are playing, enjoying their childhood ISIS is training their kids to kill you and your kids! The kids in this video training for battle appear to be as young as 10 if not younger especially the one at the end threatening obama.

Yes this is allegedly shot in Al-Raqqah but knowing terrorist organizations are active and training for warfare in the US one has to wonder how many ‘cubs of the caliphate’ are training here too! I really have no words and sadly we are clearly engaged in a ideological war that will be fought for generations. We bomb them tomorrow there will be a new batch to take their place the next day. Until the world wakes up, unites as one to take action to crush the threat posed by these islamo-nazis a lot of blood is going to be spilled for a long time….

ht MemriTV