Sen Cory Booker’s Big “Bring It”, “I am Spartacus Moment” Was a LIE! (Video)


Earlier today there was a dust-up in the Senate Judiciary Committee before the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing started up over the release of “committee confidential” emails. Cory Booker threatened to violate committee rules and release confidential emails with the hopes of stopping Kavanaugh over alleged racial profiling when he was with the Bush admin. The new Senator was willing to accept the consequences for breaking the rules including expulsion from the Senate.

Chuck Grassley and John Cornyn were not amused and more or less called Booker’s bluff.

Following this exchange Booker in fact released the emails…

… where many, including yours truly, were calling for Booker to be expelled.

So what do you want to know first?

That the alleged smoking-gun email actually exonerated Kavanaugh, where he expressed opposition to racial profiling following 9/11?

Or, how the Bill Burke, who is tasked from the Bush admin on what documents can and can’t be seen, reviewed said documents/ emails last night and gave the green light to use them?

Or, that Booker/ his office was notified approx around 5am this morning they could use them?!

Yes, that’s right America the circus show put on this morning, that helped drive more divide in this country (some were calling Booker a hero for what he did!) was over NOTHING, but a LIE from one of the worst, most unhinged sitting US Senators. What Booker did was acting for the camera, for his perceived 2020 Presidential run and of course carrying out Chuck Schumer’s orders to obstruct and disrupt the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing!