Joe diGenova drops BOMBSHELL: Deputy AG Rosenstein Under Investigation (Video)


Fmr US Atty Joe diGenova dropped a bombshell on Hannity, saying Deputy Attorney Gen Rod Rosenstein is under investigation “for things that involve the FISA warrants”. One can only imagine what that may be, but it’s safe to say the FISA’s that were obtained to go after Trump and his people were clearly done so using questionable means like that Sarah Carter opened the segment with!

As argued here many times Rosenstein has all the motive in the world to help Mueller since the two have been implemented with the Uranium One scandal by Rep Gohmert:

Rep Louie Gohmert Drops “Blockbuster” of Cover Up on Uranium One Scandal

Rep Gohmert Supports Impeaching Rod Rosenstein Over Covering for Himself, Mueller on Uranium One

The upper echelon of the DOJ is as corrupt as it comes. What you’re hearing is more evidence of an outright soft coup taking place against President Trump. It is as Joe says, “so dangerous to the country that this could be going on,… What you are reading in the New York Times editorial is subversion that someone thinks that they can thwart an election.” There are individuals, no doubt obama/ clinton loyalists working within the Trump admin actively engaged in subversion, sedition and let’s throw rebellion in too! If this isn’t a soft coup then what is?

For those who remain complacent, blowing off primary elections, doubting they’ll vote in the midterms, do you now understand why you cannot think this way. The democrats, Leftists, loyalists are banking on you sitting home. All their eggs are going into this election to put the dems in majority power in both houses so they can impeach Trump. It cannot be allowed, YOU MUST VOTE THIS ELECTION and get as many people as possible to vote GOP sending POTUS reinforcements he needs otherwise this country will be torn apart when dems regain power. They must be stopped they must face an electoral extermination, anything less is unacceptable.

Trump is doing what he promised, it will all be left if YOU drop the ball that’s in your court this November.