Media Pushes Myth That Illegals Commit Less Crime Than Citizens (Video)

CNN is sealing it’s title as the king of fake news (with CBS right behind them) by defending illegal aliens arguing they commit less crime than US citizens. Illegals very existence in America is a crime, which means there are 11+ million criminals among the People! The majority of them who use fraudulent documents and Social Security numbers etc are additionally committing a felony as well! 26% of America’s federal prisoners are illegal aliens, and the jury is still out on what the number is at the state level Inquiry was made by STR to get this figure].

Illegal aliens are not angels the media makes them out to be. They abuse the social entitlement system set up for citizens who are down-and-out, healthcare, education, the majority do not pay taxes because if they did as media claims they would be incriminating themselves… they steal from Americans EVERY DAY.

Whether her family wants to hear it or not Mollie Tibbetts would be alive today had it not been for an illegal alien, who didn’t have a criminal background, but his very nature and existence in the US was criminal. Mollie and many other Americans killed by illegal aliens is not politicizing their death, it’s telling a fact the Left and corrupt media want to bury. This video compilation once again demonstrates the media’s desire to treat illegals like first class citizens and you and yours like third class citizens. Per the Left, aside from being a bigot and a racist, you are apparently are also prone to commit more crimes than illegals.

Wanna stop it? Put republicans in office, support American companies who hire Americans and STOP pandering to illegals providing bi-lingual staff, signage and services!