Sen Schumer Admits Dems Plan to Impeach Trump (Video)


Democrat leadership has been doing their best to silence Maxine Waters and other dems who have been calling for Pres Trump to be impeached. They don’t want their chances of winning in the midterm elections ruined if impeachment is on the table.

Most republicans and conservatives, and even democrats who voted for Trump, dialed-in with politics already know dems want to remove Trump, but there are still a large number of voters who don’t know! Apparently Chuck Schumer no longer wants to keep dems plan to impeach Trump on the DL. While attending a Labor Day parade someone yelled out:

“When are you all going to impeach Trump?”

Schumer replied, “The sooner the better.”

Attendee, “That’s not answering the question.”

Schumer then said “We got to get a few Republicans [inaudible, as he waves his hand in a motion possibly suggesting getting them out of office]… the Democrats are on your side.”

The number one item on democrats to do list if they take the House and somehow the Senate will be impeaching Pres Trump. That means everything that has been accomplished will be brought to a halt, and reversed. Taxes will be raised, single payer healthcare will be implemented, US will cede economic power, North Korea and Iran will move ahead with their nuclear weapons program etc etc.

If republican voters do not get out to vote, in the same numbers if not higher than 2016, Schumer and his ilk will be calling the shots.