Democrats Disruption and Obstruction of Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing Was ALL PLANNED! (Video)


Sen DICK Durbin proudly admitted that Sen Minority Ldr Chuck Schumer held a conference call to coordinate the disruption and obstruction of Brett Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS confirmation hearing after being called out by Sen Thom Tillis. Everything you’re seeing today from the radical unhinged Left is an act, to stop one of the most qualified individuals from serving on the highest court of the land.

Democrats are obsessed over losing the 2016 election, they can’t get over the fact they ran the worst candidate in US history, who blew $1B of their money in what should have been an easy election. They think it gives them the right to now be the obstructionists they are today. This is about their hate for Pres Trump and everyone who voted for him.. it wasn’t supposed to happen, this is their way of getting revenge!

IMO this obstruction is not limited to Senate Judiciary Committee members either, the disruptors in attendance, including islamic radical Linda Sarsour, were included in this plot as they tried to stifle speech.

I could be wrong but nothing is out of the question anymore with these unhinged Leftists. All these people are doing is searing the fact this country is in a VERY WARM civil war.