Ocasio-Cortez Recruits Kids to “Kick Out Trump” (Video)

“We need your help to fight Trump”

You see how young socialist politicians start organizing indoctrinating kids, they don’t care, they do whatever it takes to win. Alexandria first tests the waters by saying she wants to go to DC to fight Trump, the kids (clueless as it is) rage with delight and she plays on it. She’s got them, and then asks for their help getting them to promise they’ll go home and pressure voting age family members to vote for her “to kick out Trump”.

Now imagine if this were a conservative telling kids the same thing to stop democrats from taking office. The left would launch a furious campaign against them, while the media would be demonizing said candidate for using children to win an election.

Win at all costs right dems? Thought we weren’t supposed to used children as political pawns?

GOP better stop sticking their nose in the air about what they will or will not do to win. The left doesn’t care and will be laughing all the way to DC to impeach Trump, if repubs don’t get out of the coma they’re in.