Judge Pirro BLASTS Jeff Sessions: Front and Shill for the Deep State (Video)


Wow Judge Pirro went ballistic on Atty General Jeff Sessions, expressing the anger many Americans feel towards the AG, over how he is doing nothing while the President is being treated like a criminal for doing his job.

Many of Pirro’s critics will whine that she is just shilling for Trump, but she lays out a damning case over Sessions’ incompetence ever since taking office under false pretenses. There was no reason for him to recuse himself and he should have let POTUS know before accepting the job. After all we’ve learned to date he should reverse as there was no reason for him to “stay out of it”, other than shutting it! Everything Donald Trump is being accused of the democrats, Hillary Clinton and soft coup conspirators within the DOJ/ FBI have actually committed! They are the ones colluding with the Russians, wheeling and dealing behind closed doors and God knows what else.  If sessions were doing his job he would launch investigations into Uranium, Fusion GPS, Hillary’s emails etc. Crime is happening right before his eyes and he does nothing. [This is why people joke and mock Sessions calling him Mr Magoo]

The Jeff Sessions many of us thought we were getting at AG would have handled them. Instead we get this timid man who takes his orders from his Deputy AG who he himself is knee-deep in the corruption!

Jeff Sessions should’ve resigned by now because he clearly will not be putting his big boy pants on as Pirro suggested. That said, all the power to POTUS if he cuts the AG loose after the midterm elections, where many members of Congress are saying it’s time for him to go. Jeff is by far the biggest disappointment (praised many times on this site as Senator) and “failure” of the Trump administration.