Sen Flake Caved to Woman Who Runs Soros Backed Organization


Sen Jeff Flake proved he is spineless and got played when two women, who claim they were sexually assaulted, confronted him in an elevator before casting his conditional vote (in other words another delay) for Judge Kavanaugh. One of the women in the elevator confrontation was Ana Maria Archila, a professional activist who runs Center for Popular Democracy (CPD), which is financed by the don, George Soros.

Free Beacon, reported on May 10, 2017, some specifics about the amount of money exchanged. They stated “George Soros is one of the largest funders to the CPD. Soros provided the CPD with $130,000 from the Foundation to Promote Open Society in 2014 and $1,164,500 in 2015. Soros provided an additional $705,000 from the Open Society Policy Center in 2016.”

To make matters worse, there’s also a connection to a massive $80M anti-Trump network who is supported by Democrat Keith Ellison.” ~ 100PercentFedUp

As you would expect, the “great investigative journalist” Anderson Cooper didn’t even bring Archila’s affiliation with Soros up in this interview, no no it’s all about pushing feelings and agenda. The left is absolutely obsessed with women’s “rights” and “healthcare” (aka abortion), which is all these attacks against Kavanaugh and the GOP are about… abortion.

Are we learning yet America? This is why you do not stand down to these radical leftists when confronted out of the left field. You have no idea who that person is getting in your face, be it a professional activist to someone who lies really good to get you to bend to their will, or a good old fashion con-artist hustling for a dollar or two. NO, not saying these women are liars or con-artists, but activists with an agenda to screw you!


Don’t argue or agree with these people, outsmart them. Someone who appears homeless or down and out asks you for money, you offer to buy them lunch. Or in more extreme cases of confrontation follow Lindsey Graham’s lead, when he was confronted by unhinged leftists about allegedly being raped 13 years ago he told the woman to go to the police!

He doesn’t know if she’s telling the truth, or setting him up, so he doesn’t play the game and says “go to the cops”

Radio host Dana Loesch does it all the time as well, when she’s accused of being a terrorist because of her ties to the NRA, among other things, she tells her accusers if they feel that strongly to report her to the police.

Yours truly, being an NRA Life Member, tends to follow-up in those tweets providing the contact info for the FBI, and to be reported as well along with the other 6+ million members. Go to the police if you’ve been raped or sexually assaulted/ harassed, and its been X# of years. There’s nothing a US Senator, Representative, Justice or anyone outside of law enforcement can do. Stop politicizing tragedy for political points, it’s shameful.

The knee-jerk WEAK reaction Flake put on full display is what the left is banking on. They want to hit hard, in front of cameras, put you on the spot when in reality it’s a damn activist bankrolled by one of the worst human beings on the planet. It’s okay to stand up for yourself, to even challenge those confronting you. Don’t be a Flake cowering to bullies!

Take the fight to them, they’re not used to people fighting back. In Krav Maga we’re trained to defend/ block a strike while also attacking/ striking at the same time. Conservatives and republican activists and voters are going to have to start doing this. Defend yourself and STRIKE (not literally… unless your being physically attacked), whatever the situation is, offer to buy lunch or tell someone to go to the police BUT do not cave to demands or sob stories because the ramifications can affect other people.

What Flake did has now opened the door for another week of false allegations, nasty hit pieces, harassment and threats to Kavanaugh his family BUT ALSO Christine Ford! The democrats USED her, to get to him and Trump. Flake is on his way out, he could have stood his ground but now more hell is coming.

Days of standing down are over, start fighting back.