Elizabeth Warren Admits Flake Elevator Confrontation “Created an Opening” to Take Kavanaugh Down


The two women who confronted Sen Jeff Flake have apparently energized some leftists, more specifically Sen Elizabeth Warren. The culture appropriating Senator admitted to a crowd Flake’s caving to the two women, which includes Ana Maria Archila who runs a Soros funded organization, for a “limited” FBI investigation into Judge Kavanaugh has created “an opening” to take him down.

Dems don’t care about the damage they’re doing to Kavanaugh nor Ford. This is all about them retaining as much power as they can,  with the hopes of taking over the House, Senate and Presidency to install political activist Justices in the Supreme Court to enforce and protect their radical agenda.

Judge Kavanaugh has been investigated six times by the FBI already, nothing will be uncovered in the seventh. Dems believe the FBI will be turning over stones but there are no stones to turn over as Ford’s testimony revealed nothing new. Well that’s not entirely true, she trashed her own best friend who refuted her claim of a sexual assault. We found out she flies all over the world, so the fear of flying is a lie. She was NOT aware of the Senate Judiciary Cmte willingness to go to her! What still remains as fact to this day is Ford cannot provide a date, time or location of the alleged party. She doesn’t know who drove her to and from the party. This holder of a PhD didn’t even know who paid for her polygraph tests, legal fees (Said atty’ were referred to her by Feinstein, are #Resist activists and working allegedly pro bono) or even the day of her grandmothers funeral! But she’s 100% positive the guy who attempted to rape her was Kavanaugh!

This pretty much says it all…

Vote GOP straight down the ballot, otherwise these leftist monsters are going to pick up where obama left off running this country into the ground.