Obama Attacks GOP as Paranoid, Divisive & Resentful, Embracing Wild Conspiracies Like Benghazi (Vid)


Just when you thought he was gone there he is… obama was back at his old game of spewing derisive and divisive rhetoric against anyone who goes again him and his radical party. The fmr socialist marxist self-appointed dictator spent an hour not only trashing 63 million Americans as paranoid, divisive and resentful but of course attacking Pres Trump and the GOP.

To add insult to injury the democrats messiah had the balls to say the GOP embraces conspiracies like Benghazi! There is no conspiracy other than the one he and his advisors cooked up to sell to the world over a video NO ONE ever watched as the reason for a CIA outpost to come under attack that left a US Ambassador and 3 Americans dead, all to COVER UP HIS ADMIN RUNNING GUNS TO “REBELS”, aka ISIS which was in its infancy. That ladies and gents is not a conspiracy it’s fact documented on this site citing ABC News, Reuters and other agencies praised by the left!

The alinskyite also had the balls to take credit for the economy suggesting it was his policies and actions (in reality were actual business killing) that are responsible for more Americans being employed now, GDP over his pathetic 2% avg and other accomplishments under Pres Trump.

President Antifa lies as much today as he did for 8 years straight.

It cannot stressed enough how important the midterm elections will be, but maybe this will get some people out of the coma they’ve put themselves in:

The fool is back in the game. He is making this midterm election a race between himself and Trump.
If you choose not to vote, sit home = win for obama, restoration of his policies when the dems he is supporting get elected and the DNC regains majority in Congress (AFTER they impeach Trump)


Get out and vote for GOP, sending Trump all the reinforcements he needs in Congress to MAGA
It’s that simple, now choose to either sit home (obama win) or vote GOP (Trump win).

[Language a little rough towards 0?! Yep, he was and still is a horrible person and frankly I was going easy on him. People like myself rang the warning bell in 2008 and no one would listen. This country, MAYBE, learned it’s lessen realizing how right we were, but we’ll see after this election]