Pelosi: Kavanaugh ‘Most Radical’ ‘Supreme Court Nominee in Recent History’ (Video)


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi wants Americans to believe Judge Kavanaugh is as radical as they come being anti-healthcare, anti-choice (aka abortion rights), and believing Pres Trump is above the law.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a radial judge, she is on official record that new govts, like Egypt, should go by the South African Constitution not the US! The other 3 liberal justices are just as bad, they rule based on political beliefs than whether or not the Constitution applies. Kavanaugh is Constitutionalist, an Originalist, like Scalia, who is what we need, not some snowflake judicial political activist.

The democrats have weaponized the courts to bypass Congress. Pelosi knows this, she knows her foot soldiers don’t so she uses the scare tactics and fearmongering.

“If Judge Kvanaugh is confirmed Roe V Wade, affordable health care, voting rights, common sense gun violence prevention[nice word salad on that one huh!], freedoms of LGBTQ americans, communities of colors and immigrants are all on the chopping block, just to name a few… Everything is on the table – again voting rights, civil rights, Brown v the Board of Education[WOW seriously!]”

Kavanaugh has said nor done anything to even suggest any of these “rights” are on the chopping block. SCOTUS just can’t decide to rule on anything. Cases have to be filed and be appealed at the local and state level courts before hitting the federal circuit and then MAYBE being heard by SCOTUS. No one is losing their rights, and keep in mind this is the same nonsense that the Left spews against every single conservative judicial appointment, SCOTUS or not. That last part of her statement about “freedoms of LGBTQ Americans, communities of colors and immigrants” is absolutely absurd. If it didn’t click in your head keep in mind the Left conflates immigrants with illegals too! But for her to suggest Brown vs Board of Edu could be overturned is outright lying.

Pelosi has no business serving in the US Congress. There is something genuinely wrong with this woman and SHAME on the media for not calling her out over this absurd statement.

This crap is why this nation is divided as it ever was. We’re just about at the point of no return in ever coming together. If there was another 9/11, these monsters would be blaming the President and GOP for everything, they do it all the time as it is with any tragedy or natural disaster.

The only way to stop the democrats is through electoral extermination. Vote them out this year or those who sit home election day are going to regret it.