Judge Pirro Thanks Obama For His Hate and Divisiveness That Got Trump Elected (Video)

The Judge tore into radical alinskyite barack obama who is inserting himself back into politics and the midterm elections to preserve the very little of his “legacy” that Pres Trump has yet to erase. It was almost like old times listening to Pirro excoriate the worst president in US history, who has made stoking racial hatred and divisiveness into an art form.

obama’s policies drove the US into the ground, yet he has the audacity to give speeches more or less charging Pres Trump, the GOP and their supporters for everything he and his party of hate have done, and are still doing. When President Antifa is not attacking Trump this big eared clown is taking credit for all of Trump’s successes! If there were real journalists around they would be hammering him now, but they’re complicit with barry. He can’t accept the fact he was a terrible president, and as Pirro points out, his divisiveness and hateful rhetoric, that everyone who adored him copied, is why we now have Trump. Remember Trump was a democrat, but because obama did such a lousy job and the dems went so off the rails he switched parties, ran as a republican and won partly because he poured gasoline and took a match to the left like no one ever has!

Nobody likes barack obama, but we thank him for being such a lousy president we got one who isn’t afraid to hit back. Because of that the economy is doing better (but has a LONG way to go, crash can still happen), our enemies are not as emboldened as they were, ISIS isn’t much of threat and obama the clown’s legacy is being erased as it was mostly based on executive orders since he couldn’t get legislative support.

The hate from leftists and hater in chief is never going stop. Republicans, TEA Party activists and conservatives need to ignore these unhinged rabid whiners and vote. This is how “we” get back at them, and if it wasn’t clear you should realize this midterm election is now a race between Trump and obama. That’s the mindset you must have as you debate whether or not you’re going to vote or sit home:

Do you want Trump  or barry soetoro to win this Nov??