Maxine Waters Brags About Threatening Trump Supporters, Attacks Trump Vowing to Impeach Him & “We’ll Get Pence TOO!” (Video)


Maxine Waters gave a speech after receiving a “Hero” award from the Stonewall Young Democratic Club to a crowd of 10’s and as you would expect it she ran her mouth.

First she expressed how upset she was with Sen Diane Feinstein for apologizing to Judge Kavanaugh for the offensive protests during the Senate confirmation hearings. Waters repeated her call to action to intimidate Trump admin officials in their private life and then mocked Pres Trump that she never said to threaten them… that time. She in fact followed up saying “I did not threaten his constituents, his supporters. I do that all the time, but I didn’t do it that time!”

The crowd of course found that amusing – a US Congresswoman who threatens Americans.

The DC swamp monster vowed she’s “gonna get” [impeach] Trump calling him a deplorable, despicable, human being who shouldn’t be in office. Being one of the worst in DC, Waters had the audacity to say POTUS has no respect for Constitution even though it is she and her socialist party who supported obama for 8 years as he did everything in his power to step all over it! The division she attempts to blame Trump for in reality is really on democrats, leftist stooges and frankly obama who threw gasoline on almost every issue, especially between races. Listen to her she’s even defiant to her own party who are asking her to shut up about impeachment because they fear electoral losses – she doesn’t care!

Also with regards to impeachment, many think it will end with Trump. But Waters addresses this very issue brought up by a supporter because Pence would be POTUS if the dems are successful in Nov and are able to impeach Trump. Listen to her response…

“I had a conversation here today when someone asked, ‘But what about Pence? If you were able to impeach, Pence will be worse’, and I said ‘Look, one at a time. You knock one down, one at a time. You knock one down and then we’ll be ready for Pence, we’ll get him too!‘”

As this site has warned, people are naive if they think the socialists will stop this assault of theirs after they get Trump’s proverbial scalp via impeachment. They will go after Pence to install whoever they appoint as Speaker to serve as President!

It sounds crazy insane but that is what they think, believe and want, this site has warned it will happen and this WITCH just confirmed it!

The midterm elections are less than 60 days away, if this doesn’t motivate GOP voters to get active, get people of like minds registered to vote and to the polls then we deserve what we get if the dems blue wave happens.

We need more people to turn out for this election than they did for the 2016 election. The left is out for blood, they’re not going to sit home and blow it off or think they got it won because “that’s the way things always go after a general election”.

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