Kamala Harris Dismissed Constitution During Kavanaugh Hearing, Calls It “That Book That You Carry”


This clip shows Kamala Harris’ true colors while she was questioning interrogating Judge Kavanaugh, during his SCOTUS confirmation hearing. Harris dismissed, or mocked really, the SCOTUS nominee over his carrying a copy of the US Constitution as “that book that you carry” while talking about unenumerated rights, with regards to what else – abortion.

Full clip, context matters

It was obvious Harris was going to make this about abortion when she ran through the list of “rights” people have to make the argument abortion is a right. The fact there is no law ever saying so, just the decision for Roe v Wade, doesn’t seem to matter and comparing it to the right to marry someone, voting etc is absurd. None of these “rights” involve the life of the mother or unborn baby. For whatever reason democrats are obsessed with abortion.. killing unborn babies and think it is the law of the land, it’s not. They also believe the SCOTUS decision (based on a lie!) can just be overturned at will for the heck of it, thus the hysteria over Kavanaugh’s nomination, yet ignoring the fact he said is settled.

What Harris did here was prove all the criticism, mockery and attacks from conservatives were justified. She has NO respect for the actual rule of law when it goes against her belief system. Her time as California’s Attorney General is also proof of this as she was adamant in violating citizens Second Amendment rights. She also believes democrats can make up rights as the go along, demonstrated here with abortion, again showing no respect for what’s actually written because after all they’re just words written in “that little book” MANY of us carry!