Email From Senior Exec Shows How Google Tried to Help Elect Clinton (Video)

Google just got busted for interfering in the 2016 election where an email from senior executive, Eliana Murillo, shows the tech giant tried to influence the election to get Clinton elected! The company being a no-show at last weeks House hearing is making more sense.

The left as a whole did everything in their power to get Clinton elected, because they truly believed she had the election locked up. It’s no wonder now why Big Tech is bending over backwards to silence conservatives.

Conservatives are all in favor for small govt but the evidence continues to pile up that Google, Facebook and Twitter are engaged in full acts of information suppression to influence the coming federal midterm elections. The subversive actively they’re engaged in is far worse than anything that lead to television and radio coming under federal regs. T

Big tech fears conservatives, republicans and TEA Party activists sharing information that will lead to another victory. Assume the worst is to come and act accordingly. Organize with like minded people and do everything possible to get as many as you can to the polls in November. If the GOP loses one or both houses the censorship you’re witnessing now will be nothing compared to what will come. If dems control Congress the censorship will expand, any dissent will be completely silenced – in other words what they’ve already done to Alex Jones, they’ll do to each and every one of us who isn’t in lockstep with progressive ideology!