Scarborough Unhinged: Trump is a Far Graver Threat America Than 9/11 Attack (Vid)


Joe Scarborough epitomizes how unhinged the left has become under the Trump presidency. What kind of degenerate would say the President is a far graver threat to the idea of America than? What did this man do that is so horrible and atrocious to be treated like a terrorist? Scarborough’s op-ed in the Washington COMPOST are nothing but lies and issues taken out of context. NO I’m not going to break it all down, do your own homework and understand for the umpteenth time Ted Cruz supporters who now back Trump would be the first ones to call him out if what these radicals in the media were claiming was true!

Trump is doing his G-D job, unlike past presidents who run their mouths, talk tough and never deliver. What is it? Is it because he’s erasing all the crap obama did under his reign of terror over this country, all by executive order because he could NOT get any Congressional support?

We get it, we understand Scarborough, all of MSNBC and the corrupt media are butt hurt because their queen, and probably the most vile corrupt “politician”, lost the election meaning NO obama third term. That does not justify the vicious attacks this President is under 24/7 for doing his job.

We tried it their way it didn’t work, where this country has been walked all over by every single “ally”. Trump is doing things differently and it’s working for America’s benefit for once!

Leftists don’t like it fine, but understand this, we’re past the point of no return. There is no coming together after what they’ve done with the fake news, to trying to frame Trump and demonize him as being worse than the monsters who killed 3000 Americans. The attacks on him are attacks on the 63M who voted for him, we’re the ones being censored to assaulted by the same babies trying to take this President out. It’s sad that has to be said on this day, but leftists are responsible for the divide, this VERY WARM civil war we’re now in.

Buy guns and ammo, you’re gonna need ’em.